MARUPHORIA brings youthe food and culture
of small Japanese town Marumori

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We bring to you
Heartwarming peace, kindness,
and comfort

Marumori, the southernmost town in Miyagi Prefecture.
Marumori’s slogan is 「A town of shining water and glittering green」.
Full of nature’s beauty, it is an area where you can feel the friendly warmth of the locals.


The concept 「MARUPHORIA」 was born from the desire to share the reliable technologies and traditional food culture rooted in Marumori with not only people from the same prefecture, but also beyond Miyagi Prefecture to the world.


The name「MARUPHORIA」was created by combining the “Maru” from “Marumori” with “euphoria,” which means ‘happiness’ in Italian. The name expresses our vision of sharing with you the happiness that comes from the comforting coziness of Marumori.

Marumori is a town at risk of disappearing because of the declining birth rate and outmigration.
On the other hand, here you can experience a fulfilling and quiet style of living that is very different from urban areas.
Since Marumori is such a wonderful town, we want to keep it going. So we would like to share Marumori’s everyday with you through MARUPHORIA’s products.

What makes Marumori’s rice so delicious?
The answer is the large river and the hot-cold temperature gap.


Marumori is a valley surrounded by 300- to 500-meter-tall mountains to the southeast and northwest. Because of this, in summer the highest temperature is over 35℃, and in winter the lowest temperature goes below -10℃. This extreme temperature gap makes the color of flowers more vivid, helps trees grow, and concentrates the natural flavors of the crops. In the flatlands of the Abukuma River basin in the northern part of town, Marumori’s delicious rice is grown in the clay soil of the rice paddies filling the landscape.

GM7, the community-rooted startup company that manages MARUPHORIA


With headquarters located in Marumori, GM7 promotes the appeal of the town, as well as local specialty products and local resources. We don’t focus only on products; we also are working to revitalize Marumori through tourism. Our employees started a taiko drumming team which performs and hosts workshops in Tokyo and overseas. The taiko team also invites travelers to tourist spots to Marumori and holds workshops for them. Through activities like these, we strive every day to help the region prosper.

If you would like to learn more about GM7,
please visit the following link: