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Craft Rice Beer


Craft beer with a unique fragrance and sharpness

That uses Marumori’s Koshihikari rice, which has a distinctive sweetness and umami flavor


This new beer was born from the collaboration of Marumori’s local trading company GM7 with rural breweries that make delicious craft beer.

Why a cat design?


Marumori, which has long been a popular area for silk farming, has cherished cats for their role in protecting silkworms from their greatest enemy, the rat. Even now, many stone “Cat God” statues remain around town, becoming a symbol of the town. The cats on the labels are designed from this motif of “Cat Gods.”

Marumori Tango


Style / International Style Pilsner

Alcohol Content: 5%

Brewed at Tango Kingdom “Shoku-no-Miyako” in Kyōtango City, Kyoto Prefecture. Characterized by the mellow aroma and mild taste of rice.
With a refreshing taste, it is delicious both as the first beer for a toast and as a drink to accompany a Japanese-style meal.
The design depicts cats, with the motif of “Cat God,” dancing the tango (play on words with “tango” from the brewery’s name).

Brewery / Tango Kingdom “Shoku-no-Miyako” in Kyōtango City, Kyoto

Prefecture Boasting high-quality craft beer that has won many awards in international contests. 20-year veteran craftspeople who have received the International Beer Cup Gold Award devote themselves every day to brewing craft beer of even greater quality.

Brewer / Michio YAMAGUCHI


We aimed for a well-balanced malty finish that would bring out the mellow flavor of the secondary ingredient, “Marumori’s rice.” We hope this can be the special but accessible type of craft beer that you drink to reward yourself at the end of your day.

Marumori Rocket


Style / Brut IPA

Alcohol Content: 6%

Brewed at Shinken Factory, located in Kakuda City, which is next to Marumori in Miyagi Prefecture.
Ingredients include malt produced in Kakuda and 5 types of hops, full of fragrance, themed around “galaxy.” Characterized by the fruity aroma of the hops and piercing dryness.
Goes well with Western foods and fatty meat dishes! For the design, a cat patterned after the “Cat God” motif rides the rocket from the JAXA Space Center located in Kakuda and aims for outer space.

Brewery / Sennan Shinken Factory in Kakuda City, Miyagi Prefecture

Winning awards at the International Beer Cup for 5 years in a row, Shinken Factory uses traditional German methods and carefully-selected ingredients to brew beers with authentic taste.

Brewer / Kyohei OKA


Due to several pleasant coincidences I had the pleasure of brewing this beer. The Marumori Rocket I brewed this time is in the style of Brut IPA. Since it is a very new beer style, there were many things I tried for the first time in the process of making it, so even I was looking forward to seeing how the beer would turn out. I think this beer turned out great, and it is receiving extremely high praise from people in the beer world. I would love if you tried it.

Marumori Gold


Style / Herb Ale

Alcohol Content: 5%

Brewed at Sekinoichi Brewery in Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture.
Enjoy the citrus-scented gorgeous and vivid flavor. The secondary ingredients of Japanese sansho pepper and yuzu fruit add an invigorating sweetness to this beer, which has a golden mellowness that matches its name. It tastes good both by itself and accompanying a meal. The design shows a cat, from the “Cat God” motif, smiling on a golden roof reminiscent of Konjikido Building at Chūson-ji Temple in Ichinoseki City.

Brewery / Sekinoichi Brewery (Iwate Kura Beer) in Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture

Sekinoichi Brewery brews many beers which have been highly praised even at international competitions, thanks to techniques refined over years and the skilled experience and knowledge of the brewers.

Brewer / Takanori SATO


When you drink Marumori Gold, please enjoy the aroma first. So that you can enjoy the aroma before drinking and the taste after drinking, this beer is made using the Japanese ingredients of Marumori rice, Japanese sansho pepper, and yuzu fruit. It is a beer where you can appreciate both the fragrance and the flavor.



The products here were developed as part of the KAKERU PROJECT.
The KAKERU PROJECT is a brand created by GM7, a local trading company in the town Marumori, Miyagi, with the theme of regional revitalization. With the motto, “Revitalize the region by working together, not alone!”, it is an initiative to create new direct-to-consumer products and specialty products by combining high-quality products and techniques from Marumori and towns and cities in other prefectures.

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