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"Iza uijin", brand rice produced in Marumori-machi 10kg

Selected Koshihikari boasts exquisite taste and aroma. Sweet and rich texture bring smile and bouncy conversation. Best for gift and also presend for yourself.

Brand name: GM7
Raw materials: "Iza uijin", brand rice produced in Marumori-machi 450g
Product Description: Special rice that supports a new step in your life

It is rice that cleares strict standards of higer than taste value 85 and ratio of perfect grains(Seiryu buai) 80% within rice that members of "Marumori-machi brand rice study group" raise in rice field of Marumori-machi surrounded by green and clear water.

Highest quality Koshihikari rice raised in "Marumori" where is the first battle location of Military commander Masamune Date, colors daily table and a milestone of your life.  

*Assortment in gift box is possible
ex.) 10kg×3packs
Preservation method: Cool and dark place with no exposure to direct sunlight
Sell by: May,2021
Product capacity: 10kg
Product size: W23cm×H57cm
Seller: GM 7 Inc. (22-2 Nishi Marumori-machi, Igu-gun, Miyagi Prefecture Ichi-gun Marumori cho )