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Souvenir Rice Ball (Salmon-Flavor)


Take Japan’s delicious rice home as a souvenir!

This product, an onigiri rice ball you can bring home as a souvenir, was born from the desire to be not only a symbol of your memories from your trip to Japan, but also a way to share Japan’s delicious rice with the people special to you in your home country.

Many people do not view Japanese rice as a suitable souvenir because it is difficult to cook without a rice cooker, and it takes effort to cook it. This product lets you enjoy Japan’s delicious rice simply by either adding hot water and letting sit for 15 minutes, or cold water and letting sit for 60 minutes.


1.Open along Cut Line ①, remove the Oxygen absorber packet,and widen the bottom of the package.
2.Peel the sticker off the front side. Fill the bag with hot or cold water to the Fill Line(~67ml). Zip it closed. <Caution!HOT!>
3.Shake well (~20 times). Let it sit(Hot water -15min. Cold water(15℃) -60min.) <Caution!HOT!>
4.Open along Cut Line ②,③ and ④ in numerical order. Open the top and eat!

For the Japanese, “onigiri” rice balls are both the Japanese heart and a source of power


Onigiri rice balls are a food that has been loved by the Japanese since olden times. Since you can eat them one-handed, they have been eaten in many places as breakfast, a packed lunch, dinner, etc. When a person is making an onigiri, they affectionately press it into shape, thinking of the moment a special someone will eat it.

The reason that Japanese people feel reenergized after eating onigiri is because they can feel the consideration and warmth put into the onigiri. To you who is traveling Japan, we want to share this source of power with you. Alongside our feelings of “Welcome to Japan! We would like you to enjoy your time here.”

A Very Japanese yet also Functional Package Design


We decorated the package with brightly colored traditional Japanese craft items so that it would be a souvenir symbolic of your time in Japan. The color uses Japan’s traditional color “indigo blue,” which is also known by the nickname “Japan Blue.”

In addition, this product weighs just 42g (about 1.5oz), so it fits nicely in the palm of your hand.It is not bulky, so even if you put it in your bag or suitcase, it won’t get in the way. It’s the perfect souvenir to bring to your friends waiting back in your home country!

Enjoy a safe, worry-free trip to Japan!
This product is something you can use even if something happens during your Japan trip.


We created a disaster preparedness leaflet that goes as a set with this product.
「What should I do if an earthquake occurs?」
「A disaster occurred. Where should I look for information?」
「They’re saying something in Japanese, but I don’t understand」
So that you can feel even a little less worried, we compiled the basic information for you to know in this Disaster Preparedness Handbook.

At the beginning of your trip, we recommend you get your Disaster Preparedness Handbook and onigiri set before you set out to enjoy the rest of your trip. Then, if something happens, this product will come in use.
After you have safely finished your trip, bring it home as a souvenir. Then while eating delicious Japanese onigiri together, you can talk about your memories from the trip with the important people in your life.

From the Tohoku region’s experience with disaster, we want to share with you what we learned about disaster preparation and the deliciousness of our rice!

The Tohoku region, an area sandwiched between Tokyo and Hokkaido.
Tohoku is one of Japan’s leading rice-producing areas. Because of the clean water and air, lots of delicious rice can be grown here.

However, Tohoku is also a region that has been visited by many disasters, such as the Great East Japan Earthquake and Typhoon Hagibis. It is from this background that we want to communicate not only the deliciousness of Japanese rice, but also the importance of preparation. These are the thoughts that went into the making of this product.

Because we are an area that has overcome many disasters and has learned the importance of disaster prevention, we hope that travelers from overseas will keep this product in hand and enjoy a fulfilling trip.

We are in the process of preparing overseas shipping capability, but it is not ready yet. To buy and send this product to an address in Japan, please visit the following link.

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