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RICE WINE “LUCE” (“luu-chay”) is a Japanese sake created by Marumori’s GM7 and Yuriage’s Sasaki Brewery that seeks to “make use of, connect, and create local communities.”

This RICE WINE PROJECT, which will connect the two companies, has been in the works since over a year ago, waiting for the revitalization of Yuriage and the reconstruction of Sasaki Brewery. Sasaki Brewery—which completed the brewery in hometown Yuriage on October 1, 2019, “Japanese Sake Day,” after the many months and days that passed since being damaged in the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster 8.5 years ago. GM7—located in Marumori, which was severely damaged just 11 days later in the enormous Typhoon #19 (Hagibis) that ravaged all of Japan. This disaster came just as the long-awaited sake-brewing was beginning in Yuriage, and the rice harvest was beginning in the town of Marumori.


The blessings and ordeals of nature. For those who live in between, their answer is contained in LUCE. The restored Yuriage sake brewery, wishing to rebuild after the disaster, put their full effort into brewing it, using as a base Iza-Uijin, which is rice of the highest quality born from the earth of Marumori, “A Town of Shining Water and Glittering Green.”

LUCE means “light” in Italian. May this light shine the charm of our hometown far and wide, and become a flame of revival.



We would like you to enjoy the savory rice umami flavor which brings out the deliciousness of the Iza-Uijin rice, the fragrance, and the acidity created through a unique manufacturing process, all heightened by the good flavors of the Tohoku region, Miyagi Prefecture, Marumori, and Yuriage. This is the flavor of revival with which we face towards reconstruction.

The savory umami of Marumori rice Iza-Uijin and the unique acidity have an exquisite balance that spreads out in your mouth, along with a refreshing and fruity flavor, light when you hold it in your mouth, a juiciness like biting into a freshly-plucked fruit, and an image like light bursting out.

The lingering crispness that passes through the throat is pleasant and makes the drinking  fun.


Iza-Uijin—a rice of the highest quality, cultivated through the techniques of excellent farmers, absorbing the power of the earth of Marumori, “A Town of Shining Water and Glittering Green.” The rice wine “LUCE”—brewed by Sasaki Brewery of Yuriage in Natori City, using water from the ‘seri’ herb field from the famous growing area in the Shimoyouden District in Natori City for the all-important water in its brewing process, as well as polishing down to 50% for a luxurious taste the astounding rice which has achieved a rice deliciousness rating of over 85/100 and a percentage of well-shaped rice higher than 80%.

“Yuriage’s and Marumori’s Light of Recovery”

Ingredients:Rice (Japan), Koji Rice Malt (Japan Rice)

Rice Type:Iza-Uijin (Koshihikari rice grown in Marumori, Miyagi)

Rice Polishing Level:50% for both rice and koji rice malt

Alcohol Content:16%

Product Amount:720ml

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